We strive to be market leaders in Information Technology Services and Application Development by reducing Risk, maintaining consistent Operational and Delivery Excellence, while driving financial value for our Customers.

We Identify, Acquire, Build and Run Systems for our Customers.

We help our customers:

  • Increase efficiency by rationalizing disparate IT infrastructure assets.
  • Improve Time to Market by creating effective Policies, Processes and Procedures.
  • Reduce Capital expenditure and move towards an OPEX structure. (Cloud/Managed Services etc.)
  • Develop and maintain Enterprise Class Applications.
  • Reduce Risk and increase systems availability and uptime.
  • Improve systems resilience and scale out for growth.
  • Build and Run critical business Programs and Projects.

Axanto Group proposes to help our customers achieve this, by applying our tried and tested Business 360® Management System and Enterprise Application Software.

We have specific experience in the Banking, Insurance, Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Distillery, Entertainment, Storage, Consulting, Hydro, Telco and Logistics sector.